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PRTG Release 18.2.40 Comes with Native Fujitsu Sensor (and a Lot More)!

In PRTG Release 18.2.39, which we released last month, our focus was primarily on improvements in security and stability. Besides PowerShell fixes and improvements to the PRTG API, we explained our PRTG version numbers. If you missed the article, you are welcome to take a look at it here: All about PRTG Release 18.2.39 + a Sneak Peek into Our Version Numbers.

Easy Ways to Quickly Test Your Bandwidth

To really understand the health of your network, you need ongoing monitoring. But sometimes you just need a quick check to see that everything is running like it should be. A quick test of bandwidth can be very useful in this situation.

Paessler Board: Steven, Our New CTO, Introduces Himself

Every tech company needs a Steve. Apple had one. Microsoft too. Now it's Paessler's turn. Okay, as the "new guy" you’re allowed to make introductions like that. I’m the new CTO of Paessler, and my name is Steven Feurer. Paessler is an exciting company and I am truly honored to join the team, starting in May, bringing in my experiences as a full-stack developer and product specialist in order to help shape the future of PRTG and the company.

The Next Level: Get Our IPv6 Cheat Sheet

Do you remember the IPv4 Cheat Sheet we offered you some time ago? It was interesting for me to read the comments, because your feedback was varied. From "Perfect!", to "Whoever needs such a thing should not be an admin", everything was included. Others asked for a possible follow-up: an IPv6 Cheat Sheet.

How Cryptojacking Impacts You, and What You Can Do About It

Late in 2017, we witnessed a frenzy in the cryptocurrency markets as the price of Bitcoin nearly reached $18,000 USD. This led to a gold rush mentality as everyone looked to cash in on this new commodity. Unfortunately, this gave rise to a new type of malware: cryptojacking.

How To Create a NOC Dashboard in PRTG

Before we start, let us answer the question: What is a NOC dashboard? A network operations center (also known in the IT world as a NOC) is like a command center for administrators where they supervise, monitor, and maintain a telecommunications network.  

Do You Know the Average Mean Opinion Score in Your Network?

Maybe you haven't considered your network's Mean Opinion Score yet. If you already have a Voice over IP PBX, you should keep an eye on the MOS score of your network.

To Monitor the Death Star, You Want?

Hey, good news! It's Friday. And not just any Friday. Maybe you felt a disturbance in the force this morning when you saw your tired face in the mirror. Or maybe you're curious as to which stores offer discounted Star Wars fan merchandise at fabulous prices, so your kids will stop bothering you for once? Whatever it is: Happy Star Wars Day!

Ransomware on the Rise, Network Buzzwords Watch, and GDPR-Readiness

If you weren't keeping track of the trends and news in tech, IT, and networking over the last month, don't worry: we monitor everything! 

Maker Monday - Making the Home Smart, One Episode at a Time

Hopefully you enjoyed the YouTube series we announced last week, Betty's IT Bits. This week we have another new series to introduce: it's Maker Monday, and the first episode is available as I type these very words!

The Ideal Hardware for Your PRTG Remote Probe – You Need Less than You Think

Choosing the best platform for PRTG Remote Probes isn't easy. We have spent quite some time looking for hardware that is powerful, but also cost-effective, that could be ideal for use as a PRTG Remote Probe platform. If you think the answer is always a high-spec device, you are wrong! Learn what we have found out!

3 Ways NetBrain Can Supercharge Your PRTG Experience

Here at Paessler HQ, we are always talking about network monitoring (for obvious reasons), and how important it is for every network. One could safely say we're passionate about it. Because of this passion, we also love solutions that take monitoring one step further, delivering even more information for you to act on. NetBrain is such a solution. But what exactly is it, and how can it add value to the PRTG experience? 

Betty's IT Bits on YouTube. Presented by Granny Betty.

"One would have to create something that is neither useful nor fun", a mad sadist once thought - and invented the first YouTube how-to video. This has been haunting us for years. Because most tutorials on YouTube are annoying, period. Either they are too long or they promise more than they can keep. And have you noticed that videos that claim to tell you the five easiest ways to do this or that, usually aren’t an explanation in five simple steps, but the bestial attempt by frantic, attractive twentysomethings to show their positive faces on the Internet for as long as possible?  All that has an end now!

All about PRTG Release 18.2.39 + a Sneak Peek into Our Version Numbers

You probably already know pretty much everything about the PRTG release 18.1.38, which was released on our stable channel in March. If not, please read the article "Security, Healthcare and Much More! Why You Should Update to PRTG Release".

“Internet Slow?” 4 Things That Speed Test Users Must Do

As a sysadmin you already have a partly annoying life. Requests like "Is the internet broken?" are completely normal; and if one asks such questions as "Why is the Internet slow?", you don't mind it at all anymore. A popular lay instrument for the determination of "how slow the internet is today" are "internet speed tests", which exist in plentiful quantities but whose quality varies enormously from one to the other. An internet speed test can give users an accurate indication of how much bandwidth is available to you. However, these pages do not analyze the bandwidth directly – they let, inter alia, test your upload and download bandwidth, giving some idea about the quality of your connection. In this article we want to focus only partially on the question, which internet speed tests are good and reliable (all this comes in a later article), but we want to look at what users should do before such a test to get meaningful results.